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Saint John Chrysostom G500 5.3 oz. T-Shirt


Saint Augustine G500 5.3 oz. T-Shirt


Saint Athanasius G500 5.3 oz. T-Shirt


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Saint Ambrose G500 5.3 oz. T-Shirt


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Saint John Chrysostom AM11OZ 11 oz. Accent Mug


Saint Athanasius AM11OZ 11 oz. Accent Mug


Saint Augustine AM11OZ 11 oz. Accent Mug


Saint Ambrose AM11OZ 11 oz. Accent Mug


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Julian’s spiritual revelations Honoring the Legacy of Saint Julian of Norwich with Lyonelle’s Catholic T-shirts and Mugs 1. Introduction to Saint Julian of Norwich I’m excited to write about Saint Julian of Norwich, a beloved mystic from the 14th century whose story of unwavering devotion and immense spirituality has inspired countless individuals. Her famous Revelations … Read more
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Saint Philip Neri: The Joyful Apostle of Rome
Introduction In the heart of Rome during the 16th century, a humble and joyous soul named Saint Philip Neri left an indelible mark on the Catholic Church and the people he encountered. Known as the “Apostle of Rome,” Saint Philip Neri embodied the virtues of love, joy, and humility. His life of service, profound spirituality, … Read more
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The Legendary Loyalty of Saint Ignatius of Loyola
Celebrate the Life of Saint Ignatius with Lyonelle’s Premier Catholic Apparel Collection 1. Early Life and Conversion Saint Ignatius of Loyola was born into a noble family in the Basque country in 1491. His childhood dream was of attaining glory in battle. However, after suffering a serious injury in combat, he realized that his calling … Read more